Interview with Ann Peacock – General Manager Public Relations at Crown Casino – Opinion in relation to exhibition

When I asked Ann’s personal and professional opinion on my design approach for my exhibition piece, she absolutely loved it. I loved that Ann expressed that she is “not a believer in being conservative with design” as I truly believe this is such an important attribute to understand. Design to everyone is different therefore we should express ourselves to the fullest. I was also happy to see Ann’s reaction to the way I wish to express this piece toward an event or wedding as she said, “I truly believe that events can be the perfect way to capture people’s imagination and achieve a desirability that isn’t seen in day-to-day life”. This piece is aimed to be a piece to present to clients and she stressed that you must know your client and their expectations when styling or planning as the ‘personality’ of the event is so important. Ann gave me a great idea that I could possibly make this chandelier floral bottle display my signature piece for weddings and events where I could use this concept and adapt it to different clients by choosing different flowers or colour scheme. I definitely learnt so much from this experience as I am passionate about weddings and events and feel so lucky to have been able to gain insight from someone who is reputable and who has been in the industry for more than twenty years. Ann taught me to be motivated, to honour your client, to have fun and lastly, to never stop learning.


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